Month: June 2018

Buying Guide For Choosing A Right Drum Kit For Beginners

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When it comes to buy new gear for starting to play drum for the first time, there is a mixed feeling you will experience, you will feel excited but the other side, you may worry about buying new drum set. As a beginner in playing drum, you may need to learn before you pick up […]

How to Play Guitar and Bass Instrument

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Everyone must have ever held a musical instrument. Musical instruments are sounded by blowing until picked. There are many ways to play an instrument that depends on the function and shape of the instrument. Because not all musical instruments can be played in the same way. Guitar, bass is one of the instruments played by […]

How to Play Musical Instruments Guitar, Bass, AMP

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Musical Instruments Guitar, Bass, AMP – Musical instruments have been around since time immemorial. There comes from several regions of Europe, Asia. The instrument it self is an instrument that is created or changed to produce music or sound. Which in essence is anything that can produce sound, and also in a certain way that […]

Tips to Practice Playing Bass Guitar For Beginner

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Learning a new thing will always be a good thing to do, it can help us to know how far we can learn something new and be a measurement of our efforts. At first time to practice playing bass guitar it may seem so simple. Actually, in another side is yes. But, one thing you […]

Difference Between Ukulele and Guitar That You Should Know

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Between guitar and ukulele, which one is your favorite to learn? Actually, the question is easy but learning a music instruments is never easy and may be more complicated. When you decide to learn to play a music instrument, you will spend much money and time, so make sure that you pick the right instrument […]