How to Play Guitar and Bass Instrument

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How to Play Guitar and Bass InstrumentEveryone must have ever held a musical instrument. Musical instruments are sounded by blowing until picked. There are many ways to play an instrument that depends on the function and shape of the instrument. Because not all musical instruments can be played in the same way.

Guitar, bass is one of the instruments played by picking. However, to play these two musical instruments are not arbitrarily picked. There is a separate way to play the instrument. Here is how to play a guitar and bass instrument?

1. Guitar
a. The guitar itself has six strings which are mounted from the neck of the guitar to the guitar body by passing through a hole in the guitar body that serves as a reflection of sound by creating a sound resonance. Basically, the hole on the guitar body in the form of a circle. However, in accordance with the times, holes on the guitar body can be in the form of calligraphy or Chinese kanji,
b. The guitar itself is usually made of wood with a string made of nylon or steel,
c. The guitar can be picked using a finger or a plectum, which is a usually triangular device used to pluck strings on a guitar,
d. To play the guitar on its own can be by the way or if it is played by standing, usually the guitar is equipped with judi online strap line in body guitar, or usually a piece of cloth with a thickening of synthetic leather at both ends, which the length of the strap itself can be arranged,

2. Bass
a. How to play bass is not much different from the guitar. Both of these instruments are played by picking. The difference between the two is the number of strings and their size. For bass, has a number of strings as many as four pieces and for its own size somewhat longer than the guitar. For the size of the bass body itself is also larger,
b. Its own weight is also heavy because the strings used in the bass are also thicker because to keep the tone low,
c. Bass itself is usually played by standing because of the length of the bass itself. The bass is also equipped with the same strap as the guitar. Bass does not have a hole like a guitar, because the bass itself is usually electric.

Usually the instrument is equipped with AMP or power amplifier to be able to play all instruments in the form of electric if used in the field of audio. For AMP this is used as needed. As if to be used as home entertainment, simply wear up to 20 watts only. If used in an open field, adjusted to the conditions of the field. If used for a musical concert, with a blaring sound, the 5000 watt output is usually lacking. For AMP audio frequencies must be able to respond to the audio frequency of 0 to 20,000 Hz.

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