How to Play Musical Instruments Guitar, Bass, AMP

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Musical Instruments Guitar, Bass, AMPMusical Instruments Guitar, Bass, AMP – Musical instruments have been around since time immemorial. There comes from several regions of Europe, Asia. The instrument it self is an instrument that is created or changed to produce music or sound. Which in essence is anything that can produce sound, and also in a certain way that can be arranged by musicians. Many ways to play a musical instrument. Because not all instruments are played in the same way. Here are some ways to play a musical instrument, among others:
1. The instrument is blown to produce sound when an air column inside is vibrated. For example trumpets and flutes,
2. Beaten musical instruments can produce sound when beaten or beaten. For example kolintang (pitched), drums (not pitched), bongo (not pitched),
3. Stringed musical instruments can produce sound when strings are vibrated by picking. For example guitar, bass,
4. Friction instruments can produce sound when strings are swiped. For example, violin, cello.

This time discuss about the agen bola instrument that is picked, that is guitar and bass. Guitar is a musical instrument that is played by picking, generally using a finger or a plectrum. The guitar consists of a basic body part with a solid neck section as a place of typically six strings attached. The guitar is divided into two types, namely acoustic and electric. For acoustic guitars have holes in the body and have been used for thousands of years. For the sake of there are three, namely nylon-acoustic guitar string, acoustic guitar strings-steel and archtop guitar. Classical guitar is generally played as a solo instrument that uses a comprehensive fingerpicking technique.

As for the electric guitar introduced in the 1930s that depends on electronic amplifier which can manipulate the sound of the guitar. The electric guitar itself is widely known as a primary musical instrument for various musical genres.
Bass guitar or often called bass is a musical instrument that uses electricity to enlarge his voice. This bass has a larger body shape, a longer neck and has four strings. For its size on the fret (column on the guitar) is larger and the length of the string is adjusted.

Amp (amplifier) or commonly referred to as a power amplifier system is usually used for music, or performances because if used in the audio field, this amp is responsible for amplifying voice signals expressed in the form of electric current at the input part is converted into a more electric current strong at the output. Usually the output power of an amp varies from 10 watts to thousands of watts. For amps used until home entertainment, the output of 20 watts is sufficient. If for the use of open field, with 100 watts. If for a concert with 5000 watt music is still less formation. Good audio frequency for am, using 0 to 20,000 Hz. So, This is a brief explanation of the kind of musical instrument guitar, bass and amp.

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